The Guide to Diamonds

Diamonds suits to those who bear its
character. You be to what you are, we’ll
get the best diamond you need.

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We tend to our customers to choose the diamond which is easily wearable by their character because we think each diamond cut is a reflection of a different personality.

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Diamond Process

The natural diamond you have in your hand is contrived of extreme heat and pressure. It eventuates about 100 miles below the surface of the earth at the mantle. The carbon particles stuck in the pallium go through the extreme level for billions of years to get structured in the form of diamonds. These tiny little creations of the earth result in collisions between two plates. In Russia, they claim to found a reserve of diamonds that made due to the result of asteroid collision. Though, the diamond in your hand has been through a lot.

Natural Diamond

Natural diamond originates from the earth's crust and goes through a distinct course that results in a brilliant and gleaming piece. Diamond is admired for creating jewelry for its dazzling shine with unbreakable toughness. When you wear it in any way, the combined efforts of power and beauty hits his aura. In this business, we believe that each customer shops diamonds for a reason. So we create each diamond in such a way that its inner intangible affinity brew unbreakable bond between two people.

What we offer?

With the affinity in our hearts, we offer our customers the flawless creation of our very own craftsmen.

Types of cuts

We allow GIA cut grades of Excellent and ideal depending on the diamond’s characteristics.

Color & Quality

We have an ample collection of diamonds that showcases flawless to Slight Inclusion and clarity from D – Z


The factor depends on the size of the diamond are cut, clarity, and color that make it look larger or smaller.